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Environmentally friendly guidlines

At JAEGER CPH Jewelry, we buy our materials from suppliers, that we are confident have proper conditions and share our environmentally friendly guidelines.

Through this choice, we aim to ensure that neither nature, people, nor animals are harmed during the extraction of various materials. We make sure to use certified recycled gold, minimizing the extraction of new gold and silver as much as possible.

How does JAEGER CPH jewelry work?

We exclusively work with certified recycled gold. Recycled gold eliminates the vast amounts of water typically required for gold extraction. It also avoids the use of harsh chemicals and heavy metals like mercury, which are harmful to all living organisms.

Recycled gold is gold that has been previously used. It's also known as reclaimed gold and eco-gold. There is already an abundance of extracted gold in circulation. This gold has been processed and purified, making it ready to be reworked.

We collaborate with suppliers who offer materials with a guaranteed commitment to environmental and ethical guidelines. These guidelines ensure that the materials do not involve conflict diamonds, are not extracted under grim conditions, such as employing child labor among other factors. 

Furthermore, we work with careful selected pearls that complies with sustainable principles. In the pearl harvesting process, no chemicals are used for polishing, allowing the pearls to showcase their natural qualities as created by the mussel itself. Harvesting is conducted under favorable conditions for both people and the environment, maintaining the natural ecological balance of the environment.

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