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Unique design

Wedding rings are a sensitive and personal thing that must last a lifetime. It is therefore an honor to be part of the process, to help seal the love in your wedding rings, both in the form of professional guidance, but also to send the rings off on your life's journey together with you.

Your story

We are skilled at conveying and incorporating your personal story into your rings.

It can be difficult to find the right wedding rings and you do not necessarily have the same taste as your partner, even if you have chosen a life together. So if you dont want the same ring, we can also help with that.


We are skilled at creating a common thread between different designs, even if the rings themselves are not visually related.


We can talk about the different options for connecting your rings together through symbolism or something else.


Classic design

We offer both classic / traditional wedding rings and wedding rings in a unique design, depending on what you wish for.

All our jewelry is designed and produced in Denmark, made in our workshop and studio in Copenhagen.

Katja Jæger has over 20 years of experience in developing wedding rings and can guide you in finding the wedding rings for you.

Everyday life

In the design and choice of materials, we take into account how you live your life, so that you get wedding rings that last as long as possible.


The optimum is that they last a lifetime and preferably for the next generations to come, and with the right guidance and the right design, this can be done.
Handmade jewelry means good and solid quality and are meant to last a lifetime

Contact me for a non-binding chat and how I can help you get exactly the wedding rings you dream of.

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