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"Design and craftsmanship merge into a higher unity when the durability and quality of the craftsmanship is reflected in the timelessness of the design."
- Katja Jæger


Jewelry and good craftsmanship are inextricably linked. For me, the craft already starts in the idea of the piece of jewelry. I use my eye for detail and lines to create jewelry that has a classic design with a unique look. However, the craft is also the concrete tool that I handle in my hand and all the hours I spend in the workshop. The thorough work of my hands ensures the durability and finish of each piece of jewelry.

In a time when the traditional Danish craftsmanship are being replaced by automated manufacturing and facilities in foreign countries, we aim to preserve the Danish trademark “Made in Denmark” from idea to the finished piece of jewelry. Danish design and traditional danish craftsmanship is unique and internationally recognised as stamp of quality. 


My designs are usually a combination of the classic and the modern. I prefer a minimalistic and simple expression. Aesthetics for me is about balance and authenticity. It is primarily the form of the jewelry that is the source of my creative ideas. I am inspired by the properties of metals, their flexibility, nuances and grindings.


The fact that metals can mirror is one of my favorite aspects of them. The reflection can be a confrontation or a quiet meeting between woman and jewelry, it is exciting and enigmatic. Therefore, the metals must have room to speak, and it is precisely here that I make best use of the design's minimalism.

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