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How do you book a showcasing? 

You have the option of making an appointment for a showcasing, either in our studio or at your home.

Fill out the form below, and after you will be contacted via phone so we can better understand what you are interested in.

You are also welcome to call so we can talk about your thoughts and wishes.

At the showcasing you will be able to see and try on a selection of different wedding rings. See and feel different surfaces, and different sizes of stones and so on. This is to help visualise and guide our conversation.


It will be the owner and goldsmith, Katja Jaeger, who will guide and advise you regarding the wedding rings.

Katja has many years of experience working with wedding rings. Kajta has been making all types of wedding rings for over 20 years, and it is something she highly enjoys working with.

Get in touch for a non-binding chat and hear how you can get exactly the wedding rings you dream of.

Book appointment

Thank you for your booking!

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