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For me, jewelry is a noble craft with its own history, emotions and memories. I think of jewelry as a form of communication, a declaration of love or a promise. A symbolic witness of experiences, relationships, milestones - what binds us humans together, what gives us joy and strength.

My collections

My collections are a combination of the raw and the feminine. I work with simple forms, incorporating classic elements such as diamonds, pearls, gemstones, or a movement of solid or loose shapes.

I create a balance between the feminine and the raw, elegant and rough, delicate and substantial.

I create jewelries that are unique, solid and eye-catching. Jewelries that resonates with us.

All jewelry is handmade in my workshop - I only produce upon request. Each piece of jewelry is made specifically for the individual customer. This way, we keep costs down and save our environment from unnecessary production.

Recycled Gold - By using recycling, you can preserve sentimental value and save cost on the gold. We also reduce the burden on the environment as we don't need to mine new gold.

All jewelry at JAEGER is made from recycled gold; you don't need to provide your own recycled gold; we take care of that.

Longer Lifespan - All jewelry is made in my own workshop in Copenhagen. Handmade jewelry means good and solid quality, resulting in a longer lifespan.


Jewelry reflects our values -
They are our stories

Jewelry can make you remember values like hope, love and strength. A meaning or a lifestyle. Jewelry can remind you of life's big moments like births, weddings or traditions. Jewelry reflects the present time we live in, it tells a story. The wearer is the one to bring life to the jewelry, when taken on their journey. 

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